Counsins Street - Parking at Sandy Point Beach

Across Cousins Street from the Sandy Point Beach parking lot entrance are steps and a path leading to Camp SOCI (Scouts Of Cousins Island), a small pleasant wooded parcel atop a high steep bluff. There is a grassy amphitheater in the center of the parcel (a good picnic spot) and a trail along the top edge of the high bluff overlooking the water. This trail runs through a mature red oak and pine stand, and looks across to the mainland at the former Homewood Inn site and Princes Point. There is a long, steep and narrow stairway leading down to the shore. At mid to low tide, it is possible to follow the shoreline north under the bridge to Sandy Point Beach. This property is recognized by birders as an important stopover for migratory songbirds. Please stay off the fragile, erodible bluff slopes.


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