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Yarmouth Parks, Recreation & Community Services (YCS) provides resources to manage the town-owned trees and "street trees" throughout Yarmouth.  The Town Tree Warden and YCS Director work to support community efforts surrounding the town's tree canopy.

In addition to Town tree staff, a Town Council appointed Tree Advisory Committee (YTAC) meets the fourth Monday of each month at 12noon in the YCS Conference Room located at Yarmouth Town Hall, 200 Main Street.

2022.Town Flag.jpg
Yarmouth Tree Advisory Committee
Michael Brandimarte
Aaron Kaufman
Susan Prescott
Steve Ryan
Lisa Small
Lisa Wilson
2024: Jan 5, Jan 22
2023: Jan 11, Feb 8Feb 27, Mar 8, Mar 27, Apr 12, Apr 24, May 10May 22, June 26, July 24 (no quorum), Aug 28, Sept 25, Oct 23, Nov 27, Dec 25 (ppd to 1/5/2024)

June 14 thru Dec 2022 Minutes

There are no minutes for YTAC prior to the 6/14/2022 mtg.

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