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Concept Plan


Royal River Park Improvements Information

Royal River Park was created over a period of time in the 1970s & 1980s and funded by the Town and in part by a series of federal grants.  With a beautiful, paved path running the length of the park along the river and parallel to the heart of the village, Royal River Park is one of Yarmouth’s most beloved and well-used parks.  Most of this park is built on former industrial and mill sites.  Informational signage and exposed brick remnants give park guests a peek in time at the massive site that was once the Forest Paper Company. 

Most recently, Royal River Park’s pathways were patched to maintain safe transportation and pedestrian opportunities and a small handicapped accessible parking area was created.  Despite these fixes, more upgrades are needed to improve safety.  

Yarmouth Community Services department applied for a grant to help the park’s small budget go further while improving as much as possible in one complete project.  The Town was awarded a matching Land and Water Conservation Fund grant, available to municipalities specifically for these reasons.

In order to capture public input on this project, Yarmouth Community Services invited the public to participate in a survey and public meetings to view and comment on concept plans along the way. 

Fast forward to Fall 2023: the next steps are to finalize the Design and Engineering needed to submit a Planning Department application. More information will be posted as plans and schedules are completed.

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