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Nan Jones Kimball "Shipyard" Playground

Redesigned in 2004, this creative playground is for 5 to 12 year olds, however, equipment on the left (East) side of the playground is designed for younger children and equipment on the right (West) side designed for older children.

In order to guarantee your child’s safety, it is recommended that you go over the play structure and appropriate use with them. Children should not be left unattended.  Located at 70 North Road

Rowe School Playground

Located at the Rowe School at 52 School Street in Yarmouth.  This playground is designed for K & 1st grade students.

Yarmouth Elementary School Playground

Located at Yarmouth Elementary School at 121 McCartney Street.  This playground is designed for students in grades 2 - 4.

Harrison Middle School

Located at Harrison Middle School (on the right side) at 220 McCartney Street.  This playground is designed for students in grades 5 - 8.

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