New Mainers in Yarmouth

Looking for ways to HELP?
We know how excited our community is to help our new residents and we look forward to partnering with you to make everyone feel at home.  Below are ways to help and their associated details.

Clothing items are no longer an URGENT need:
UPDATED 4/25/2022:  This list will be updated when clothing needs arise again.  Thank you to all for the immediate donations.

I'd like to donate items.
In order to best help the families new to Yarmouth, YCS is coordinating a NEEDS IN, NEEDS OUT process with a link to a list of items.  This list will be updated as the days and weeks advance, as the families grow, and as our seasons change.  Items on this link can be dropped off Monday through Friday, 8:30am-4:00pm at: Yarmouth Community Services, 200 Main Street, Yarmouth, ME 04096. 
*Items may be NEW or GENTLY used and will be turned away if in unusable condition.

I'd like to volunteer. (updated 5/17/2022)

The Transportation Team is getting up and running with a couple “test” days.  If you are able to help and/or have an interest in helping, please email Johannes and Anna for more information and to be included in the next steps.  The details include, but are not limited to: being part of a driving loop from the hotel in Yarmouth to Main Street, Yarmouth and back again.  Simple enough!  We’d love your help! 


A Cooking Collaboration will begin in the next couple weeks to help the New Mainers gain access to cooking facilities for their personal use.  Oversight and arrangement of food products and cookware will be needed.  Imagine not having anything more than a microwave, mini-fridge, and crockpot to use?  More information will be coming shortly.  Please email Karyn if you're interested to support or run this opportunity.


Language Learning is our next step to offer additional services to the adult groups.  Needs include helpers to arrange supplies, coordinate set-up of the tent area, and be available to support the Language teachers.  More information will be coming shortly.  Please email Karyn if you're interested to support or run this opportunity.

I'd like to donate money.
While YCS helps coordinate the items and volunteers, Yarmouth is supported by Yarmouth Cares About Neighbors (YCAN) when it comes to financial donations to various causes.  The Town of Yarmouth and YCAN thank you for your support to our neighbors in need.  Please note their 501(c)(3) registration is under "Yarmouth CAN."  Any questions regarding the donation and IRS compliance can be directed to

If mailing a check is preferable, please send via US Mail to:  Yarmouth CAN, PO Box 553, Yarmouth ME 04096.
Or drop a check made out to Yarmouth CAN  at the Yarmouth Community Services office at 200 Main Street, Yarmouth.

Suggestions before you move forward in your generosity:

Please do not drop off items without checking the needs first;

*  Please do not go up to the hotel to visit or drop off items - the hotel and staff have asked for specific protocols to be followed and we'll do our best to help them manage and respect their property;

*  Another reason to allow the New Mainers space is to begin their different ways of recovery from their long journeys to Yarmouth.  Many have had some of the most traumatic experiences and need to be able to relax and work with their support resources. 

*Please continue to donate, support, and help your usual organizations - they also rely on you for their needs;

*  And, thank you for all you do to support Yarmouth and our community.