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Resident Needs in Yarmouth

Looking for ways to HELP?
We know how excited our community is to help our residents and we look forward to partnering with you to make everyone feel supported in Yarmouth.  Below are the current ways to help and their associated details.


I'd like to donate money.
While YCS helps coordinate the items and volunteers, gift cards are a GREAT way to help us support the families in need in Yarmouth.  Gift cards to Yarmouth Hannaford help families who have a prescription need (YCS staff and volunteers purchase the Rx), Hannaford gift cards also help get a family get over an unfortunate set back when other circumstances arise.  Walgreens, WalMart and OceanState Job Lot are close stores that allow volunteers to purchase the needed items to help a family get through a difficult time, stay warm in winter, or get items needed for school, language learning, or other self-improvement needs.  Any amount will help families in need - thank you for your support!

If you would like to help pay for housing (rent, electric, etc.) for New Mainers living in Yarmouth apartments, please reach out to or write a check to: New Mainer Assistance Program, 23 Ledgewood Drive, Yarmouth, ME.


Another great way to help many Yarmouth families is to support YCAN.  Yarmouth CANPO Box 553, Yarmouth ME 04096.
Or drop a check made out to Yarmouth CAN  at the Yarmouth Community Services office at 200 Main Street, Yarmouth, ME.

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