Resident Needs in Yarmouth

Looking for ways to HELP?
We know how excited our community is to help our residents and we look forward to partnering with you to make everyone feel supported in Yarmouth.  Below are ways to help and their associated details.

I'd like to donate items. In order to best help the families in Yarmouth, YCS is coordinating a NEEDS IN, NEEDS OUT process with a link to a list of items.  This list will be updated as the days and weeks advance, as the families grow, and as our seasons change.  Items on this link can be dropped off Monday through Friday, 8:30am-4:00pm at: Yarmouth Community Services, 200 Main Street, Yarmouth, ME 04096. *Items may be NEW or GENTLY used and will be turned away if in unusable condition or are no longer needed.  If it is a large item, like furniture - we would appreciate a call and we will make arrangements to help you, help a family!  (207) 846-2406

Winter Clothing IS an URGENT need:
UPDATED 9/20/2022:  This list will be updated when clothing needs arise again.  Thank you to all for the immediate donations.

I'd like to volunteer. (updated 9/20/2022)

The Transportation Team is up and running.  If you are able to help and/or have an interest in helping, please email Johannes and Anna for more information and to be included in the next steps.  The details include, but are not limited to: being part of a driving loop from homes in Yarmouth to classes, medical appointments, food pantry, etc.  Simple enough!  We’d love your help! 

I'd like to donate money.
While YCS helps coordinate the items and volunteers, gift cards are a GREAT way to help us support the families in need in Yarmouth.  Gift cards to Yarmouth Hannaford help families who have a prescription need (YCS staff and volunteers purchase the Rx), Hannaford gift cards also help get a family get over an unfortunately set back when other circumstances arise.  WalMart and OceanState Job Lot are close stores that allow volunteers to purchase the needed items to help a family get through a difficult time, stay warm in winter, or get items needed for school, language learning, or other self-improvement needs.  Any amount will help families in need - thank you for your support!

If you would like to help pay for housing (rent, electric, etc.) for New Mainers living in Yarmouth apartments, please reach out to New Mainer Assistance Program, 23 Ledgewood Drive, Yarmouth, ME.


Another great way to help many Yarmouth families is to support YCAN.  Yarmouth CAN, PO Box 553, Yarmouth ME 04096.
Or drop a check made out to Yarmouth CAN  at the Yarmouth Community Services office at 200 Main Street, Yarmouth, ME.

UPDATE, Tuesday, September 20, 2022:

The Town of Yarmouth, Yarmouth Schools, YCS staff, and dozens of volunteers are working to support the basic needs of the New Mainer families who are placed in Yarmouth.  Since the end of March, our community has welcomed and helped 42 families settle into living a safe and supportive life in our area.  As we have known from the beginning, their time in Yarmouth may be temporary.  For some, their time in Yarmouth is changing.  Many of these families are being either relocated to other hotels or are choosing to move and settle in other communities.  The relocation for these families is not an easy one as many have settled into their accommodations and are finding resources to thrive as best as they are able.  The next destination for many will be a relocation to a hotel where Catholic Charities staff are onsite 8 hours each day for assisting with meeting their needs, accessing resources, connecting to care, navigating benefits, etc.  The Catholic Charities capabilities and experience in refugee resettlement are additional benefits for these families.

These relocations and moves are not eliminating the social service and General Assistance support needs in our community but highlighted the needs for many, many other families.  At this time, we are advised the hotel vacancies are not going to be filled immediately.  Our plan is to continue to best serve the residents in need and support new residents who may arrive or remain in Yarmouth.

If you are interested in supporting the families who are currently in Yarmouth, the need for warm winter gear is very important at this time.  Lastly, gift cards to Hannaford (used by the YCS team for Rx/medical needs) and gift cards to WalMart or Ocean State Job Lot for quick purchasing of travel supplies are greatly appreciated. 


Donations can be dropped off at YCS (although difficult to get to during and post Clam Fest) Monday through Friday 9am-4pm, located at the front of Town Hall.  Additional access is through the Town Hall and down the elevator to the bottom floor.


YCS can also be reached at (207) 846-2406

for additional information.

Suggestions before you move forward in your generosity:

Please do not drop off items without checking the needs first;

*  Please do not go up to the hotel to visit or drop off items - the hotel and staff have asked for specific protocols to be followed and we'll do our best to help them manage and respect their property;

*  Another reason to allow the New Mainers space is to begin their different ways of recovery from their long journeys to Yarmouth.  Many have had some of the most traumatic experiences and need to be able to relax and work with their support resources. 

*Please continue to donate, support, and help your usual organizations - they also rely on you for their needs;

*  And, thank you for all you do to support Yarmouth and our community.