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West Side Trail Information

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Developed and managed by the Town of Yarmouth, the West Side Trail is a multi-use trail for hikers, walkers, runners, and off-road single track bicyclists.
West Side Trail (WST) connects neighborhoods, office parks, preserves, and public beaches. The trail is currently more than 10 miles round trip and is continuing to expand and improve each year. Unlike many powerline trails, WST is under the cover of the tree canopy adjacent to the CMP power line corridor more than in the powerline's clear cut swath. 
Visitors can expect to enjoy ravines, rocky bluffs, and vistas to Casco Bay and the Royal River estuary with an unexpected sense of remoteness, even while crossing ten neighborhood streets.

For more information on WST, please contact:
Dan Ostrye, WST Trail Coordinator

Erik Donohoe, Parks Specialist

Yarmouth Community Services
(207) 846-2406
Karyn MacNeill, Director
Yarmouth Community Services
(207) 846-2406

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