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Tinker Preserve

Tinker Preserve
Gilmain Road

Katherine Tinker preserved this 15-acre property via a donation to The Nature Conservancy in 1970 with the direction that it be maintained as a sanctuary to protect plant and animal species. The property offers natural beauty that residents frequently enjoy on short walks and picnics. A small cemetery at the far end of the property is maintained by the Cousins Island Cemetery Association.  


A long narrow field is flanked by woods of oak, white pine and open shrub lands of staghorn sumac and invasive Morrow’s honeysuckle. Old apple trees persist from the days when a home was located on the property. Eurasian bittersweet, an imported vine initially valued for its bright orange berries, began taking over forest, shrubs and fields alike. Park stewards continue to be vigilant in controlling this invasive plant. Among goldenrod and asters there is milkweed which supports monarch butterflies before their annual migration.


From the Cousins Island bridge go 0.8 mile and turn right onto Seal Lane. There is parking immediately on the right.

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