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Riverfront Woods Preserve

Riverfront Woods Preserve
East Elm Street to Riverfront Drive

The Riverfront Woods Preserve is now owned and managed by the Town of Yarmouth and protected by conservation easements held by the Royal River Conservation Trust. The 50-acre project is a compilation of three parcels:  Barker Preserve, an open space lot owned-by the Town within the subdivision, as well as a 19.48 acre lot.  This project conserves one of the last remaining pieces of unfragmented habitat and shoreline along the Royal River in Yarmouth.


This section of the river supports beavers, otters, deer and a variety of bird species and distinct flora, creating a surprisingly remote experience for paddling in the summer and skating, snowshoeing and skiing in the winter. The Preserve’s shoreline is roughly one mile upriver from the East Elm Street boat launch and is accessible from a new town trail head and parking lot.

RWP's Management Plan

Approved 4.16.2020

Directions    (Click here for Map Locus showing RWP)

Near the intersection of North Road and East Elm Street is a subdivision off of Riverfront Drive. The trail head is at a small parking lot at the end of Riverfront Drive on the right.

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