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Grist Mill Park

Grist Mill Park
14 East Main Street

Below the Lower (“First”) Falls, on the east shore, there is a parking lot, a shaded lawn often used for picnic lunches, and a railed overlook built atop ancient granite cribwork constituting the remains of a water-powered mill. Note the impressive views of the First Falls just before the Royal River meets tidewater. This historic location looks downstream to old mill and shipyard sites and the location of many other early industrial and commercial endeavors. These falls were the first harnessed to power a mill site by early settlers. The park is the site of a former large saw and grist mill (the Casco Mill) which was begun in 1674, and then expanded in 1681 by Walter Gendall. After storms the falls can be very impressive! You can judge from the color and turbidity of the water the amount of topsoil erosion and runoff upstream. Consider its impact upon the harbor, estuary and Casco Bay.


From Main Street, take Route 88 eastbound over the Royal River bridge. Parking is on your left immediately after the bridge (on the east side of the river). A small path leads away from the parking area to a large rock on the river bank, a great place to get down to the water. Use caution at flood stage.

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