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Yarmouth Scavenger

Hunt Information

33rd Annual Yarmouth by Starlight Scavenger Hunt

This infamous competitive treasure hunt has become an annual spring-time ritual with many Yarmouth folks.  Adult teams traveling in automobiles go from one clue site to another, competing only against the challenge of the course within a specific time limit.  The hunt will take place at night; flashlights will be required and old clothes, shoes or boots are strongly recommended!  Clues may be word puzzles, pictorial anagrams, complicated map readings or telephone book entries.  The first challenge will be to find out where the next clue is hidden; the second challenge will be to go to the next clue site and find the next clue.  Specific rules and guidelines will be issued at the start of the hunt.  Refreshments will be provided at the end of the hunt.  This has become one of our most popular annual events - SIGN UP PROMPTLY!  Please Note:  Due to the popularity of this program each person may register no more than one vehicle.


Hunt Masters:  Timi Carter & Mary Thorp

Date:  TBD 2021

Time:  Arrive at Rowe School Gym by 7:00pm, ends around 11:00pm

Ages:  Adults (18+) only

Location:  Rowe, gym

Fee:  $45 per vehicle with 4 people; $15 for each additional person in vehicle 

Sorry, no senior discount available.  

Max:  22 cars

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