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Sweetsir Farm Preserve

Sweetsir Farm Preserve
102 Old FIeld Road

The 30-acre Sweetsir Farm Preserve extends from the end of Old Field Road to the east bank of the Royal River. A narrow path passes through a variety of woods and wetlands to majestic mature oak and rich floodplain forest along the banks of the Royal River. The pleasant half-mile trail has solid footing except for two drainages which are crossable with long strides and stepping stones. It merges with another trail coming in from the left before paralleling the river to a small bluff and then continuing north to a set of vernal pools which harbor spring breeding populations of spotted salamanders, wood frogs, green frogs and spring peepers. The bluff along the river is a scenic place to picnic; look for spring wildflowers and riverside birds.


From the intersection of North Road and Ledge Road go north a tenth of a mile to Concord Circle and turn left; go through the subdivision half way around the circle to Old Field Road. Cross the railroad tracks and proceed to a small parking area at the end of the road. The trail extends straight into the woods, approximately 0.3 mile to the river.


Special Notes

This site has a rare Maine plant called ramp, or wild garlic; please help us conserve this special plant. Stay on the trail and do not dig up any plants or artifacts from Town lands. Like many mixed-woods habitats, this area has ticks. Hunting is allowed on this property by permit from Town Hall. Please wear blaze orange during hunting season

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