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Pratt's Brook Park

Pratt's Brook Park
501 North Road

At over 220 acres, this is Yarmouth’s largest park, with over 6 miles of hiking and cross-country skiing trails. Multiple loops through piney woods and open meadows, with bridges and other crossings over the many tributaries of Pratt’s Brook, offer great hiking, snowshoeing and exploring. Good bird watching sites include the open fields with bluebird boxes (North Road fields), stream-side overlooks, blueberry fields, and a beautiful rocky waterfall on the Otter Trail. With adequate snow there are groomed ski trails ranging from easy to moderately challenging with opportunities for wildlife observations, including a small active beaver pond, plentiful deer sign and barred and great horned owl calling at night.


There is a small Disc Golf course located on the northwest side of the North Road parking lot.  Use caution on your throws and do not trespass onto neighboring properties to retrieve your discs.


The trail system is complex; maps can be printed from the Town’s website and are posted at the North Road and Berryfield Road trail entrances and many trail intersections. Trails are occasionally muddy and in spring and fall are prone to frost heaving. Mountain biking and other activities that could further damage the trails are prohibited. If you notice soft mud or rutting, please find a different trail to walk on to avoid trail damage.


There are three entrances to Pratt’s Brook Park:

  1. North Road, about 1.2 miles from East Main Street, on the right (or on the left, 0.1 mile south of the intersection of East Elm and North Road). This is a gated entrance with parking for about 30 cars.

  2. Berryfield Road, a side road off Granite Street just over a mile from the 4-way intersection with East Main Street (east of Transfer Station), with parking for four cars at the end of the road on the right.

  3. Ledge Road, about 1.2 miles from North Road or 0.4 mile from Granite Street, the entrance is about 150 feet east of Mountfort Road on the south side of the road, with parking on a wide soft shoulder for up to four cars.


Special Notes

Yarmouth has a pet clean-up rule. Make sure that you are prepared to clean up after your pet, ESPECIALLY where people walk or ski, and where children play. With your help we can keep our parks cleaner, more enjoyable for everyone and safer for wildlife. Please be alert for rail traffic if near the railroad, speeds may be high with the restoration of passenger service. Hunting is only allowed September, October, November and May, and requires a permit from Town Hall. Please use caution and wear blaze orange vests or headgear during hunting season.

2017 Pratt's Brook Management Plan

Adopted by Town Council July 25, 2019

Aerial view of the Pratt's Brook Park
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